At Harmony Christian school, we aim to be as accessible as possible to all types of learners. In the resource room, we provide additional resources for diverse learners to academically thrive. Resources may include a separate space for test and quiz taking, focus on skill building (in areas such as organization, studying and reviewing), intentionality for getting back on track with missed work or lessons and more. 

Some of the students who have utilized the resource room include:

 Students with an IEP
Students who have a 504 plan or a medical note for a 504 plan.

Students who need extra time and a slower pace to thrive.

Students who are struggling and may benefit from and EP- a school specific plan that is organized with the parents to address academic struggles or shortcomings. These may include sensory needs as well. 
If you have any questions about the resource room, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. VanKeuren. For financial inquiries regarding the resource room cost, please connect with Sue Chindano. 

Resource Room Staff

Theresa VanKeuren

Resource Room Teacher

According to, Harmony Christian School is ranked #3 Best Private High Schools in Orange County, NY and #19 Best Christian High Schools in NY State.