Harmony Christian School offers students the opportunity to study privately with a teacher in the areas of piano, voice, band instruments, and strings. Many of these lessons may be arranged during the school day when the student may miss a non-academic time of the day or after school.

All teachers are experienced and trained in their area. Students are given the opportunities to sing and perform or display their work in an individualized setting such as recitals, church services, and community venues. Taking advantage of the private lesson program has allowed many students to grow to a new level in their artistic abilities and achieve great things, for the glory of God.

Miss Long

I am excited that your child is interested in learning to sing, learn music theory, and play the piano. Each lesson is individualized and is 30 min. Your child will be taught voice techniques, how to read, write and interpret the language of music. They will then be able to apply this knowledge to play the piano. Their progress will depend on their ability as well as devotion to practice. The first few lessons, the student will need to practice 10 min. 3x a week. As we progress, their time and days will need to increase. I would strongly recommend that no financial investment be made into elaborate keyboards/pianos until your child has truly developed a passion for music. This is an enjoyable time for me, and I hope to make our time together enjoyable as well. 

According to, Harmony Christian School is ranked #3 Best Private High Schools in Orange County, NY and #19 Best Christian High Schools in NY State.