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Over 1200 hours a year


Your child will spend approximately 1200 hours attending a primary and secondary school. This is the Harmony Christian School difference.

Thank you for taking time to prayerfully consider Harmony Christian School for your child’s education. We have adopted an admissions policy that connects the school to families who are like-minded spiritually, who are supportive of our philosophy, objectives, and standards of education, and whose children meet our enrollment criteria. Our purpose is to serve families that desire more than just a private-education, but instead distinctively Christian education for their children. There are several strengths that set Harmony Christian School apart from public schools and many other private schools. These unique differences explain why our students consistently go on to attend great colleges and universities in the country, taking with them a spiritual framework that serves them well in life. 

Christian Focus

Central to our approach of providing rigorous academics in a safe and nurturing environment is our deep conviction that the educational experience should serve to develop the whole child. This is another way of saying that developing our student’s minds (infusion of knowledge) without shaping their souls (spiritual formation) would only serve our students temporarily; however, when we engage our students with the truth of God’s word (the Bible) and steer them toward a relationship with Jesus, we are preparing them for eternity. 

Biblically Infused Curriculum

HCS enjoys the freedom to develop our own academic experience that is not mandated by the state or the federal government. Unlike public education, Harmony Christian School is free to adopt our own rigorous set of standards to help guide our academic experience. We also have the flexibility to make changes to our program to help equip our students for the changing demands in our global marketplace. Biblical principles are integrated into every subject taught at our school. Our staff is committed not only to academic excellence, but also to teaching students how to apply the truths of God’s Word to every aspect of life.

Affordable Tuition

Our tuition has remained one of the lowest in the NY Metro area for a school of its size and reputation. One of our top priorities is to maintain our excellent academics as well as extra programs such as music, art, choir, drama, and physical education.  

Safe Environment

The size of our campus makes for a secure and close-knit environment. Our common belief in God and His Word provides our children the opportunity to socialize and grow in an atmosphere where Christian morals are highly valued.  Entry doors are secured throughout the day. Periodic Active Shooter drills are performed (certified and instructed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office) on campus.

If you are in agreement with the teachings of God’s Word, this school will complement the beliefs and ideals your child is taught at home.

We look forward to partnering with you to educate your child.

Core Values

  • Spirituality: God Honoring, Evangelical Christian Worldview, Holiness, Christ Centric, God Promoting, Spiritual Growth Oriented, Soul Winning Focus
  • Excellence Across All Endeavors: Academic, Facilities, Fine Arts, Sports (extra-curricular), Communication
  • Leadership and Service: faithful servant leadership, community leadership and involvement, loyalty
  • Safety and Security
  • Accountability in all that we do

Mission Statement

In service to Christian families, Harmony Christian School is a biblically based ministry, seeking to train young people to reach their full potential in mind, body and spirit.

According to Niche.com, Harmony Christian School is ranked #3 Best Private High Schools in Orange County, NY and #19 Best Christian High Schools in NY State.