Noah's Ark Preschool

The most developmental years

Noah's Ark Preschool
Learning in a nurturing, Christ-centered environment

We believe that the first five years are the most developmental years, and should, therefore, be exposed to many positive learning experiences. This is why we offer a K2-K4 program. We are a Preschool, not a daycare facility. We offer a language enriched program that helps the young learner to easily learn, and not just to recognize their letters, but to also apply the sound of letters that build to blends, that leads to forming words into sentences. 

Students learn about their Creator and start to build a relationship with God their Father. 

Many of our activities are hands-on experiences, while still developing fine motor writing skills. We believe that our classrooms must provide a safe and nurturing environment in order for our children to learn and grow in the Lord. Our goal is to enhance each child’s gifts and abilities through learning, so that they can develop into the mighty child of God, and to be prepared for the eventual calling that they were created to become.

Our phonics enriched program also includes art, cooking, physical education, rest and center time, field trips, phonics, science, computer, chapel/Bible class, math, beginner reading, social studies, circle times, music and movement, Spanish and many more developmental learning experiences for your 2, 3 and 4 year old. Preschool students learn basic concepts such as colors, shapes, and letters. They also learn social skills including respect and passion. 

"Children are a heratige from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him."

Psalm 127:3

What you can expect from our Preschool program?

  • Teachers with many years of experience
  • Typical teacher to student ratios for K3 is 1:6, and K4 is 1:7.  
  • Daily communication via, weekly newsletters, pictures of students sent home
  • Clean and safe environment, doors secured, regularly scheduled drills
  • Spiritual, social, physical development and faith formation plan begins in preschool, with an emphasis on respect and obedience
  • Ongoing academic assessments of letter/sound recognition and number/concepts; learning centers tailored to student need and development focusing on fine motor, visual motor, and gross motor skills along with social and academic skills 

Preschool Staff

Debbie Dewitt

K2/K3 Teacher

Diorise Deser

K2/K3 Aide

Nadene Long

K4 Teacher

Jodi Wolvers

K4 Aide

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