High School
Preparing students to lead and serve

High School

Preparing students for the demands of college and beyond

Decisions, decisions! The ninth-twelfth grade is a time for contemplating possibilities and weighing them against your own strengths. Will you pursue a college education? Will you serve our country in the military? Will you join the workforce or kingdom work? 

Harmony Christian School will work alongside parents and teens in response to the future that God has planned for them. This is an exciting time, but it can also be a worrying

time of facing the unknown. We help our students to prayerfully, not fearfully, embrace their journey into adulthood.

But high school studies at HCS go far beyond just academic learning. We also offer fine arts, athletics, discipleship groups, and opportunities to serve and engage the communities locally and abroad.

HCS provides a healthy and comfortable environment for students to discover how God can grow them and use them to impact their world.
Curriculum information
English Department

Harmony Christian School’s English Department challenges students to improve their writing and critical thinking skills through classic literature, vocabulary development and current non-fiction.

English College Course - WRIT 101 Writing in the Liberal Arts. Theme based seminar course in close reading, critical thinking, and the process of engaged writing. Techniques of expression, analysis, and response

English 10 – Debates are the highlight of this year. Students write a research paper, turn their research into a speech, and debate a current political or social issue. They continue to improve their writing skills and read a number of plays and novels such as Julius Caesar and Of Mice and Men.

American Literature- 11th grade is the year students take the ELA Regents Exam. Students concentrate on using literary devices as writing strategies to develop themes and central ideas. They also focus on the importance of evidence.

World Literature/ English Literature/ Practical English – These three courses are offered senior year. World Literature and English Literature cover classic literature and literary themes from around the world. Students make comparisons and write papers based on their knowledge of historical events and cultural differences.

Introduction to Psychology is offered as an elective survey course to 11th and 12th-grade students. The course begins with a focus on biopsychology, learning about the structures and functions that make behavior and mental processes possible. Units of study include Sensation and Perception, Consciousness, Learning and Memory, Developmental Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology. Some special topics include managing stress, studying effectively, the science of addiction, and forensic psychology. The course is taught through a series of lectures, demonstrations, labs, and fieldwork. Students who have taken this course have performed exceptionally in college-level Psychology and Social Work courses.

Science, Biology and General Science

In science at Harmony Christian School, we have many fun and educational activities and experiments that allow the children to observe with their own eyes how the world works.

In Biology the students learn about microscopes and microorganisms by looking at pond water to see that there is life and living things all around us.

In General Science, the students even make their own experiments and use science to discover more and better understand the things that they want to know more about.

Math Department
The high school math curriculum includes:

Integrated Algebra is the first New York state high school course in Mathematics. It builds on concepts taught in Math 7 and Math 8, and focuses on the study and use of algebra. Additionally, topics in probability, statistics and geometry are also explored. This course provides tools and ways of thinking that are used in such fields as science, business, social sciences and technology. Algebra also provides the foundation to succeed in subsequent high school math courses.

Geometry is the second New York state high school course in Mathematics. The primary focus of the course is on geometry and proofs although the course also includes topics in algebra and graphing. This course is intended to improve mathematical reasoning, problem solving and communication.

Algebra 2 / Trigonometry is the third New York Regents course in Mathematics. The Algebra 2 portion of the course will explore advanced polynomials, absolute value functions, radicals, imaginary and complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, data analysis, and sequences and series. Trigonometry topics include expanded functions with right triangles, identities, equations and circular functions.

The Pre-Calculus course builds on topics taught in the Algebra 2 / Trigonometry course with the goal of preparing students to take Calculus. It explores many topics in greater depth than in Algebra 2 but also covers additional topics such as matrices, conic sections, inductive logic and polar coordinates.

Calculus is typically the first college level math course for mathematics, science, engineering and technically oriented students. The goal of the course is to prepare students to take the AP Calculus test in May.

The high school curriculum includes extensive use of graphing calculators and is supplemented by computer activities and use of computer software.

Photography class is offered as a senior year elective at HCS. Photography students are in charge of taking photos for the school yearbook. HCS has four professional digital cameras that students share to learn basic photography skills including the exposure triangle, basic photo editing, composition, etc. Once a month we invite professional photographers to come in and present to the class and work one on one with our students to help them further their craft. Photography students have the opportunity to photograph major school events throughout the school year such as concerts, field trips, and ceremonies.

High School History
Our history department covers early civilizations, current global developments, American history, and American/Global government and economics. All but Global I are Regents courses. Students use textbooks, videos, and online resources to enhance their understanding of these subjects. A number of projects designed to encourage research skills, informative writing and synthesizing of materials will be assigned. Students will have midterms in all classes; in Regents classes the Regent will act as a final. It is our desire to foster a respect and understanding of all cultures and a Biblically based lens through which to see history and our role in the future of humankind.

Family and Consumer Sciences
Home Economics is an elective course for High School seniors. It is held twice a week with each session being 45 minutes. The basics of cooking are taught and hands-on cooking experiences are held once or twice a month. The students learn everything from measuring, food safety, meal planning and a whole lot more. Beginning this year, the students will have an opportunity to plan a school lunch meal that will be healthy, nutritious, and delicious. Students enjoy sampling their creations and sharing with teachers and staff throughout the school. They look forward to the feedback given to them.

The course is mainly designed with cooking in mind, but there will be a few basic lessons thrown in like how to sew a button on and some other basic household lessons. Students will also take part in a food-themed field trip.

Student Council
Consists of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 representatives from each high school class. Goals are to represent the high school student body in activities and service to the school. Some activities of the student council are planning, coordinating and running Spirit Week and the annual Pep Rally, helping out with the Harvest Festival and planning and running the end of the year high school trip. We meet approximately every other week during lunch. In support of our goals, we also run various fundraisers including bake sales, smoothie sales, ice cream float sales, and others. We also help fund the high school

National Honor Society
The Harmony Christian School Chapter of the National Honor Society provides students with an opportunity to develop as both servants and leaders in the community. In addition to planning and carrying out our annual Blood Drive in partnership with the New York Blood Center, the students assist with the monthly Harmony Baptist Church food pantry that serves the greater Middletown and Montgomery areas. Students serve the school community as leaders in the classroom, providing extra homework help to lower grades, and performing small service tasks as needed. As members of the National Honor Society, students are eligible to apply for the 600 scholarships offered through the NHS Scholarship Program and participate in webinars that walk them through the complicated college application process.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11

What you can expect from our HIGH SCHOOL program?

  • Teachers with many years of experience
  • Challenging curriculum taught from a biblical perspective preparing students to thrive at any private or public high school
  • Daily communication via, weekly newsletters, pictures of students sent home
  • Clean and safe environment, doors secured, regularly scheduled drills
  • Degreed and devoted Christian educators specializing in high school education
  • College Guidance Department helping students with research, college applications, college essays, and transcripts.
  • Core subjects in math, science, history, language arts, social studies, Bible, Spanish and literature at each grade level
  • A range of electives including Practical English, World Lit, Psychology, Drama, Art, Photography, and more
  • Small class sizes
  • Competitive Christian league athletic programs in volleyball, boys & girls basketball, Co-ed Soccer and more
  • Extracurricular activities including National Honor Society, Prom council, Student Council, and more
  • Global Missions and Community outreach programs
  • Senior class trip (which usually has a missions component) and high school retreat.

High School Staff

Diana Torres

HS Supervisor, High School Science Teacher

Kathy Carlstrom

High School History Teacher

Rosalyn Akinyemi

Middle & High School Spanish Teacher

Gerald Dumoulin

MS & HS Bible Teacher

Timothy Montgomery

HS Math Teacher

Anthony Navarro

Middle & HS Computer Teacher

Diana Torres

HS Science Teacher

Shanik Smith

Phys. Ed & Sophomore Health Teacher

NeoSkye Ealy

Music Teacher

Jenny Giammatteo

Art Teacher

Linda Whitney

Consumer Math Teacher

Theresa VanKeuren

Resource Room Teacher

According to Niche.com, Harmony Christian School is ranked #3 Best Private High Schools in Orange County, NY and #19 Best Christian High Schools in NY State.