harmony_pre_school.jpgNoah’s Ark Pre-School offers morning pre-school for 3 and 4 year-olds. Afternoon daycare runs until 5:30 PM.View our flyer.Enrolling your child in an early education center like Harmony’s Noah’s Ark promotes a quality experience for your child. Harmony’s commitment to high quality early care and education is evidenced by its intentional investment in early education over the years.

Noah’s Ark Pre-School is Middletown, NY’s best Christian program, holding the view that each child is a gift – a miracle from God’s hand – and the program endeavors for every learning experience to enhance and develop each child’s full potential in Christ. A quality program educates every aspect of the child: spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual.

Harmony Christian School’s Noah’s Ark Preschool ensures:

  • A curriculum based on sound Christian principles of child development
  • Warm and nurturing interactions among children and staff
  • A healthy and safe environment for children
  • A sufficient number of adults per child, appropriate for the group size
  • Strong communication among parents and staff
  • Staff that is interactive with the students and the parents
  • A commitment to the continual development of teaching skills among staff
  • Developmental appropriateness of the curriculum
  • Plentiful materials to stimulate learning
  • A developmental focus that meets the needs of the whole child
  • A program that emphasizes language development and a print-rich environment
  • A program that encourages exploration and discovery

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